Getting Back Into Ham Radio

After ~5 year hiatus I decided to brush off my old ham radio stuff and get back on the air.  I dug out my Yaesu FT-23R handheld radio, AC power adapter and purchased a new Wilson 2 meter mobile antenna.  I used to run the same antenna on the car several years back and it worked great.  This time the antenna is stuck on top of my window air conditioner … at least I now have an outside base station antenna 😉  Being in an awkward position nearly up against the house, the range is somewhat poor but it does hit a few local repeaters; it’s a start, and works a lot better than from inside the house.

My first “new” contact was an old friend – Don K3DON on the local 146.775 Harford County repeater.

Yaesu FT-23R

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