Portable Roll-Up 2-Meter J-Pole Antenna

Are you ready to deploy in the field with little or no notice? Do you need a compact, lightweight, reliable 2 meter antenna? Be prepared for about the cost of a spare battery! Keep this roll-up antenna in your Go-Kit, Go-Bag or backpack, ready to go at a moment’s notice.

J-Pole Antenna with SMA Female Adapter
Includes BNC Male to SMA Female Adapter

SMA Female Antenna – Popular! 2 Meter Roll-Up J-Pole Antenna, 6 FT RG-174/U coax, includes BNC to SMA Female adapter. Fits SMA male radio connector on many Chinese makes: Baofeng, Wouxum, Jingtong, Linton, Quansheng, Puxing, FDC and others.

Currently Unavailable


Antenna with SMA Male Connector
Antenna with SMA Male Connector

SMA Male Antenna: 2 Meter Roll-Up J-Pole Antenna, 6 FT RG-174/U coax, SMA Male connector. Fits SMA Female radio connector on many Alinco, ICOM, Kenwood, Vertex and Yaesu handheld radios.

Currently Unavailable


2 Meter J-Pole Antenna with BNC connector
Antenna with BNC Male Connector

BNC Male Antenna: 2 Meter Roll-Up J-Pole Antenna, 6 FT RG-174/U coax, BNC connector. Fits BNC Female radio connector on many classic radios; add an adapter to fit SMA and other connectors.

Currently Unavailable


2 Meter Antenna, 12 FT RG58 Coax, PL-259 Adapter
12 FT RG58 Coax, PL-259 Adapter

BNC-Heavy-Duty w/PL-259 Adapter: 2 Meter Roll-Up J-Pole Antenna, 12 FT RG-58A/U coax, BNC connector plus includes BNC to PL-259 adapter for mobile/base units

Currently Unavailable


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Made in USAProudly Made in USA: Many products these days are mass-produced overseas, re-branded with a sticker and sold cheap on eBay and other sites.  My antennas are made right here in America.  I build, test, tune and ship each antenna individually.  I use quality materials to make quality antennas.

Rollup J-Pole Antenna Photos (click for larger view)

J-Pole Antenna rolled up J-Pole Antenna J-Pole Antenna detail

Top Quality Materials

  • Black poly jacket “window design” 300 ohm balanced line twin lead. Sturdy 18 AWG, 19 strand copper-clad steel conductor. Power rated up to 70 watts; field tested and recommended at 50 watts max. Great for use with most portable and mobile radios.
  • 6 ft. 50 ohm RG-174/U coax – lightweight and flexible for ultimate portability!
  • True 50 ohm BNC connector – no compromises.

Careful Workmanship

  • I build each of these antennas personally and meticulously by hand. Each is made as if it was for my own use. I have over 20 years of soldering and electrical fabrication experience, and have made hundreds of these twin-lead j-pole antennas.
  • Coax connections are wrapped, securely soldered and sealed. Coax is additionally reinforced to the twin-lead cable with a wire tie for additional mechanical strength. Exposed ends are also sealed for weather resistance. Connections and open ends are covered with heat shrink for durability.
  • A true 50 ohm BNC connector is carefully installed with a ratchet crimp tool. Heat shrink is then applied to coax connection for stress relief and strength.

Inspected, Tested and Tuned

  • All materials are carefully inspected before use and handled with great care to avoid kinks, abrasion or other defects.
  • Assembled antennas are final inspected to ensure correct measurements, solid solder connections and sealed, durable construction.
  • Using a VSWR meter, each antenna is tested on the air with 5 watts input.

Proven in the Field

This exact antenna design, materials list and assembly procedure has been field tested by Harford County ARES and RACES, and reported to provide excellent performance across the 2 meter Amateur band.

»» Click here to read user reviews of the KB3KAI J-Pole at eham.net!

Useful and Practical Emergency Antenna

This antenna comes with 6 ft. of lightweight RG-174/U coax attached, with your choice of connector for use with many handheld radios.

The 2-meter roll-up J-pole is lightweight (approx. 3 ounces), compact and effective! The antenna can be set up quickly and easily by hanging out a window, attach to a ceiling, or toss a lead sinker over a tree branch with kite string and hoist it up. Slide it inside PVC pipe for rigid vertical installation (retuning required).

Download antenna deployment & suggested use tips (73 KB PDF)

David Stansbury, KB3KAI

Contact me with any questions!